How to use the Easy Fanpage Design Plug-in

If you are new to fan pages and use WordPress, you’ll want a plug in that makes your life easier! You’ll want a plug-in that will help you install Easy Fanpages in minutes not hours.

With Easy Fanpage Design, the solution to your problem is at your fingertips.

Here is all you need to know to set up your dynamic fan page in a jiffy.

WordPress: Installing and activating your Easy Fanpage Design Plug-in

  • Install your Easy Fanpage Design Plug-in the same way you’d install any other plug-ins
  • Go to the Fan Pages section located just under posts in the Dashboard section
  • Click on Settings. Fill in your license code you received when you purchased your Fanpage plug-in
  • Make sure that you include your affiliate URL which is really your Clickbank ID imbedded in a code. You can get your affiliate code here. Place this code in the affiliate URL section in the settings area for Easy Fanpages
  • Save your changes

Creating fan pages with your Easy Fanpage Plug-in

The Fanpage plug-in works just like WordPress (WP) pages. This means if you’re familiar with how to add pages in WordPress this will be a cinch for you, promise.

Give your fan page a title—welcome, discounts, contact, hello, you can name it anything you like

  • Click visual view
  • You can use one of the fan page templates or you can design yours from scratch. If you want to use the premade fanpage templates, it is the ninth one on the row that begins with the YouTube icon on the sink
  • You can either edit your fan page now or wait until you set up your Facebook App
  • When done click update (or publish)

FaceBook: Setting up your Facebook App

It is at this point you will sign into If you never created an app before you will need to verify your account with Facebook by providing your credit card number or a mobile phone number. You can update your information for this verification process at Facebook.

On this page, you can also check all the apps settings that you authorized to interact with your Facebook account. You can adjust your settings for security, notifications, mobile, Facebook ads, general account settings and payments.

Once done proceed with the verification process. You want to create a new app. Type in the new app display name. Click agree, and then press continue. Once inside  the app settings click edit.

You need to copy your App ID, which is located at the top of your app just under your app name. It is easily identified it has App ID: before it. Copy that and paste it into the WordPress Easy Fanpage you are working on. The section you will paste it into is located in the EFPD: Fan Page Settings area just under the content box.

Copy the App Secret code from the Facebook apps page. It is located under the App ID. Paste the code into the section in the WP Fanpage labeled Your App Secret. Click update.

You should have a Facebook Fan Page in order to use this app. If you don’t have one, no worries they are easy to create. Learn how by watching this quick and easy Facebook page video.

Now you’re ready to head over to to create your Facebook fan page.

Once you have copied the URL for it,  paste it into the section labeled your fan page URL on the WP Fanpage page you’re creating. Click save.

Updating the basic info in Facebook App

  • Review your App Display Name. Make sure it is the way you want it
  • Change your contact email

Add your Facebook Page Tab information

On the Facebook app page, you will scroll down to the bottom and check the page tab option. This is how you want your app to integrate with Facebook. Fill in the requested information.

  • Page Tab Name: this is the name that you gave it in WP
  • Page Tab URL: this is the permalink from WP
  • Secure Page Tab URL: If you have a SSL certificate, you would place it here. If not then you will need to go to Social-Server and use their free SSL for Facebook SSL migration. If you happen to be on the main page, click on the get started tab at the top. Otherwise just follow the instructions as outlined on the page
  • Copy the code that you get from the site, place it in the Secure Page Tab URL, and click save

Paste this code into your Secure Page Tab URL in Basic Apps on Facebook and click save.

You will need to configure this code:

Recently Facebook made a few changes, which makes it necessary to use the following code. Justin at Easy Fanpage Design has said that they are working on making this process even easier. But in the mean time, you’ll need to use the code below.

Configure the code by substituting your information for the bolded information.

  • URL: where YOUR_APP_ID
  • Paste this code in a new tab on your browser or a text document
  • Insert your app id from Facebook or from the EFPD: Fan Page Settings in Easy Fanpage Design
  • Place it in the corresponding section in your web browser
  • Now put in your URL where your app id is. This is the URL from your WP Fanpage

To look something like this:

  • Place the new code into your web browser (if you have it in a text document)
  • An add page tab box should appear
  • Choose the Facebook page you want this tab placed on then click add page tab

Head back to your Facebook page

Head back over to your Facebook page and click refresh. You should now see your new tab added in the left side panel of your page, under photos or welcome.

  • Click on your new tab
  • Copy the link and place that link in your Easy Fan Page under Your Fanpage URL
  • Click Save

In your browser type in https://before, your Facebook page URL. This will take you to the secure server.

An edit page URL box will appear.

Place your WP Fanpage URL in the box. This code is your permalink from your WP Fanpage.

It will look like: then click submit.

Refresh the Facebook page and now you can view your newly added button.

If you want more detailed instructions or which to watch a video, Justin Wheeler has a blog post that will step you through the process in more detail.

Final Words on the Easy Fanpage Design Plugin

Congratulations, you have created your first easy Facebook fan page using Justin’s wonderful Easy Fanpage Design Plug-in.

It may seem like a lot but it is easy once you become more familiar with the process.

Take time to play with it. As you’ll discover more ways to create awesome fan pages!

***Special thanks goes out to Justin from Easy Fanpage Design who personally stepped me through the process of learning this plug-in.

If you never heard of Easy Fanpage Design Plug-in check the demo video out here.


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